The overall strategy and technical approach of ReTyre is as follows:

WP1 Casing influence on rolling resistance
WP2 Retreading process influence
WP3 Tread influence on rolling resistance, noise emission and wet grip performances

The project starts with the collection of all relevant knowhow from retreading companies, truck tyre manufacturers, tread suppliers and research institutes and investigate all relevant parameters related to casings, retreading process and treads applied and to determine the influence thereof on the tyre performance (WP1, WP2 and WP3). The tyres will be available till the end of the project for testing, analysing etc. 

The collected knowledge and established (inter)relationships will be used to derive a set of algorithms and to develop a model for predicting the truck tyre performance based upon type of casings, the retreading process parameters and the applied tread (WP4). 


WP4 Tool for predicting retreaded tyre performance

The next step is to develop an intranet based tool for predicting the truck tyre performance based upon the set of algorithms, the predictive model and best practices for retreading (UN-ECE Regulation No. 109). 


WP5 Validation of the developed tool

The intranet based tool and best practices will be implemented at the associations of retreading companies and at the retreading companies itself.

Validation will be done in two ways:

A. Via feedback from the retreaders on the usability and user friendliness of the software tool. This may lead to modification and improvement of the software.

B. Via tests of randomly selected retreaded tyres according to UN-ECE Regulation 117.

The methodology (tool and best practices) is validated if the results of the tests of the randomly-selected retreaded tyres are in alignment with the predicted retreaded tyre performances. The validated methodology is the basis for enabling type homologation of retreaded tyres according to the UN-ECE Regulation 11.

The tool - validation will be the result of a close collaboration between RTD performers and end-users. An endusers group, consisting of representation from the participating retreading company, has been created in order to provide constant feedback during WP1-3. This should limit the risk of having serious issues arising from the validation phase.


WP6 Dissemination

The software tool (alpha version) for predicting retreaded tyre performance will be made accessible through the internet via id and password to the participating retreading companies and associations (WP5). Later on, this tool will be made accessible for all members, i.e. the individual retreading companies. The possibility for regular updates of the tool will be taken into account as well.

The participating retreaders will be trained by the associations on the introduction and implementation of the tool and possible organisational consequences.





This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 286830

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