The overall objective is to find a scientifically sound and cost effective methodology for classification of retreaded truck tyres in order to comply with future environmental performance and safety requirements.

This means:

  1. Understanding the influence of the relevant parameters of casings, retreading processes and treads and determination of the relationships and interrelationships on tyre performance: rolling resistance, noise emission and wet grip;
  2. Derive algorithms for casing, retreading process and applied tread based on the acquired knowledge and relationships from the parameter study;
  3. Definition and development of a model for predicting tyre performance based on original casing, retreading process and applied tread;
  4. Development of an intranet based software tool (alpha version) based on the predictive model and set of algorithms;
  5. Implementation of the classification methodology (developed software tool and best practices) at the participating retreading companies;
  6. Validation of the methodology via feedback on the usability and user friendliness of the software tool and via tests of randomly selected retreaded tyres according to UN-ECE Regulation 117;
  7. Formulation of recommendations for an amendment of Regulation 1222/2009 for including retreaded tyres and the methodology for type homologation of retreaded tyres.

The final goal is to prove that retreaded truck tyres can comply with the safety and environmental requirements for new tyres.





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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 286830

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