The consortium consists of 15 partners. This section provides an overview of all partners as well as a link to their own websites



Stichting Kenniscentrum Leiden on behalf of BIPAVER

KCL represent Bipaver, as an account in the foundation, in Stakeholder Consultations and Impact Analysis in the development of European legislation and are technical representative in the WP29, i.e. UN-ECE activities in Geneva. Today Bipaver represents all active Member States, where associations are present with the same cause as Bipaver and its members. Key role of Bipaver today is to emphasize the importance of the sustainable contribution of retreading to the life cycle of (truck) tyres, combined with the presence of industrial SME.

Country: The Netherlands


Bundesverband Reifenhandel und Vulkaniseur-Handwerk eV

The German Association for retreaded tyre was founded in 1986. The association is focused on the promotion on the highest levels the common interest of the member companies – in particular towards government and tyre industry. BRV offers representation of the member interests on a political level and much more. It has set the target to advance in an active way the economic operations of his members.

Country: Germany


Promotec on behalf of AIRP

Promotec, founded in 1977 is a corporation representing AIRP (Associazione Italiana Ricostruttori neumatic) and AICA (Associazione Italiana Costruttori di Autoattrezzature).
AIRP (Italian Tyre Retreaders Association) represents the whole tyre retreading industry in Italy. The association includes about 50 member companies. It fosters and follows activities in defence of the tyre retread industry and its members, sponsoring activities that support and increase the importance of the business socially, technically and economically. It also defends and represents legitimate business interests with authorities, boards, public and private institutions, national and international associations.

Country: Italy


Asociación Española de neumáticos Reciclados

The Spanish Association of Retreading Tyres (AER) is an industry organisation that brings together companies that manufacture and sale of retreaded tires. It was established on May 28, 1996, to unify, protect, represent, inform and dignify the sector. In AER, are the most representative companies of tire retreading and recycling in Spain. We currently have a total of 48 companies associated with 17 of them being Business Partners.

Through BIPAVER, which brings together national associations of member countries of the C.E.E. (European Economic Community), AER defends the European single market, and via ITRA defends American export market.The aims of the Association are:

  • The representation, advocacy and promotion of economic, social and professional affiliates.
  • Set the necessary actions to achieve social and economic improvement of its members.
  • Promote and encourage all initiatives for developing of associated industries and bring them to the Administration.
  • Represent, advice and be heard in the official bodies upon request, in matters relating to the operation of businesses in this activity.
  • Inform your associates about legislation.

Country: Spain


Sdružení výrobců protektorů České republiky

The Czech Association of Retreaders (SVP ČR) is an association of legal entities and was founded by corporate representatives of leading retreaders in the Czech Republic in 2004. The Association involves retreaders, tyre producers and their representatives, equipment suppliers, retread waste disposal companies, technical paper editors and quality systems implementing companies.

SVP ČR is the member of BIPAVER and represent the Czech retreaders, (Bureau international permanent des associations de vendeurs et rechapeurs de pneumatiques.)

Country: Czech Republic

Website: www.svpcr.cz


Banden Plan Europa

The BPE is active in all the processes after the First/new life of a tyre. With the Kargro Group’s large truck fleet; worn tyres are collected and delivered at the site where after a thorough inspection by specifically educated personnel, it is determined whether the incoming flow of used commercial vehicle tyres are:

  1. Casings suitable for a retreading process, or
  2. Tyres in such a condition that they need to be scrapped

The Group has all of these options available in one of its Group-companies. Both “hot” and “cold” retreading processes are available in factories equipped with the last technology, able to produce large numbers of quality tyres, which increase the life span of tyres, that increase the life span of tyres, and reduces substantially the usage of raw materials.

Country: The Netherlands




Carling, spol s r.o., located in Brno, Czech Republic was established in 1992. It started as an authorized dealer of Citroen, and continued since then. In 1995 Carling started cold retreading in cooperation with Kraiburg. Therefore Carling has been on the tyre market for more than 15 years. Carling became partner of Goodyear Dunlop Tires Czech both in retreading and selling new tyres in 2001. The company is certified as a Goodyear Authorized Retreader. Carling is able to provide system services to fleet forwarders, 24H service, changing tyres at forwarders location. The company operate 11 mobile as well as stationary tyre services in the whole Czech Republic. Carling realized more than 40 000 truck tyres in 2004. Basic capital of the company is EUR 0,6milion.

Country: Czech Republic


Insa Turbo

INSA TURBO is one of the companies which belong to Grupo Soledad, its major role is the green alternative to transport needs nowadays. INSA TURBO started manufacturing retreaded tires in 1988 and after years of high growth and international expansion, it has reached a leadership position with a daily production of 5000 units. INSA TURBO counts with its own industrial state with more than 200,000 m2. The company export to 30 countries around the world. Its leadership position is enhanced with new truck production plant with an annual production of 120,000 units. INSA TURBO has strategically located warehouses throughout the country that hold large stocks and supply our customers’ needs. This allows to maintain a privileged position in competitive markets mainly in Europe and America but also in some countries from Africa and Asia.

Country: Spain


Reifen Ihle

The medium-sized family business was founded in 1947 by Johann Ihle. Head Office and Administration Günzburg / Donau. The production is entirely in Günzburg.
Ihle is the largest tyre retreading plant in Germany with the widest range of products. To this end, the company has a retail chain with 12 stores between Ulm and Augsburg for tyres, wheels and car service and has production facilities in Günzburg, with the widest range of retreading in Germany.

Country: Germany


Bandvulc Tyres

As the front runner in the UK truck retread industry, Bandvulc offers an environmentally sustainable tyre solution and encompasses all aspects of commercial tyre requirements for today’s fleet operators. Through the manufacture and provision of first class products alongside leading edge services and by working in partnership with its customers Bandvulc has forged many strong commercial relationships. The Group’s rapid growth demonstrates the confidence major blue chip logistic companies have in its approach and delivery.

For every truck tyre Bandvulc retreads, 68 litres of oil, 44 kg of rubber and 182.24 kg of CO2 are saved against a new tyre. The important contribution retreading makes, both economically and environmentally in reducing life cycle cost and removing worn tyres for the waste stream cannot be over-emphasised.

Country: United Kingdom


Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)

In order to ensure mobility it is essential to develop new ideas and new concepts – also on an international level. The traffic system must be efficient in order to remain integral. Here, it is necessary to reduce environmental stress by means of appropriate technologies and building materials, and further improve traffic safety. The Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) creates the basis to achieve all of this this. It is a technical and scientific institute under the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS). It provides the ministry with scientifically-backed decision aids for technical and traffic-related issues and plays a significant role in drawing up regulations and standards. At its testing plants, the Federal Highway Research Institute conducts its own research on issues of special significance. Its tasks include consulting services and assessment reports. The Federal Highway Research Institute also evaluates the quality of services and products. For this purpose, it performs accreditation, testing, issues approvals and holds training courses. Most of the Federal Highway Research Institute's areas of work involve cooperation with other research agencies, particularly institutes associated with universities and colleges.

Country: Germany

Website: www.bast.de


IDIADA Automotive Technology SA

IDIADA, as a global partner to the automotive industry, provides complete solutions for automotive development projects worldwide. IDIADA’s Technical Centre is located 70 km south of Barcelona (Spain), having subsidiaries and branch offices in several European and Asian countries with a total work force of around 800 employees. The core services IDIADA provides are: Engineering, Proving Ground and Homologation. Main fields of engineering activity are power train, emissions, noise & vibration, vehicle dynamics, fatigue & durability and passive safety. In the field of tyre test and development engineering IDIADA has a wide experience in testing and research on grounds as NHV, durability, performance, braking capability, dynamic behaviour, etc for tyres, both with physical testing or numerical simulation.

Country: Spain



VORtech Computing is a unique combination of an engineering firm and a software house. It combines thorough knowledge of mathematical modeling, simulation and computational methods with expertise in state-of-the-art software development methods. The team works for large companies and institutions as well as for small to midrange businesses. They offer specialist mathematical services but also offer support in developing more regular computational and simulation software.

Applicability, quality and reliability come first at VORtech Computing. It bridges the gap between theory and practice. VORtech have access to the latest technology in our field and apply this in robust, practical solutions.

Country: The Netherlands


Kraiburg group

KRAIBURG, is a specialist in tyre retreading, it has been a major supplier of tyre material and industry solutions for over 50 years. Safety, cost-effectiveness and the environment are the core principles for the company, and are central to all KRAIBURG's corporate processes and products. KRAIBURG also offer business support service to all business partners.

Since 1947 KRAIBURG has been known as a well-reputed company in the Rubber Business and has been establishing itself by a wide product-range, by specialisation, by high-quality compounds and futureoriented developments as an irreplaceable partner for all rubber-processing branches.

Country: Austria


Vereniging VACO

Association VACO represents the entire tyre and wheel business in The Netherlands with a representation of over 92%. They cover the interests of manufacturers, trade, retail and recycling divided over 9 sectors. The interests are not only related to the technical competences and political representation in both Den Haag and Brussels, but also the organization of the general labour agreements, a pension fund and many others activities that will lead to better performances and entrepreneurship. Development of quality standards, certification of points of sale (part of membership) and in depth training programs are managed within the foundation.

Country: The Netherlands

Website: www.vaco.nl




This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 286830

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